Your Friendly Hypnotherapist

Meet Jenn Waldron

Much to Jenn’s mothers dismay she considered everyone a friend. Her mother found her holding people's hands, sharing stories, reassuring them and offering invitations. Even as a little girl she just wanted to be as her childhood hero Mr. Roger’s would call a helper. Sickly and shy as a child kept her from becoming a dancer like the ones she watched on Fame or Soul Train. Instead Jenn loved getting lost in the world of books or writing her own stories. Being no stranger to a myriad of health issues like learning to use the left side of her body, training to swallow correctly,a cancerous growth, early onset puberty and the list continued to grow into adulthood. This time it became fibromyalgia, Irritable bowel, cystitis, migraines and more. The roller coaster ride of living with all of this while being a wife and mother of three lead to years of depression and anxiety.

Finally when she couldn’t take much more she made a small step towards self compassion that completely altered her life. 

Seeing her children and their friends struggle with grief, divorce and bullying, in 2010 Jenn decided to become a childrens meditation facilitator to help them. Going backwards a bit she would later begin her own journey home to herself through meditation. In 2018 she became a certified meditation facilitator from The Meditation Learning Center.This opened her world up to the tools that would help her navigate through the twists and turns of life. Jenn studied with Dr. Lauren Artress of Veriditas to learn how to help people find their center through working with the labyrinth. Working through these safe containers Jenn happened upon what she felt was the greatest tool yet, hypnosis. Hypnotherapy allowed Jenn to rewrite her story, to heal and empower her to fully step into who she came here to be. While Jenn’s path at times has been a bit rocky, she knows that all of those rocks were put there in order for her to help others find their way to a more joyful and meaningful life. She fulfilled this in 2021 by becoming a certified hypnotherapist through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. 

Jenn’s mission is to support anyone who is suffering from chronic health conditions or just the rockiness of life to reclaim the wholeness of who you came here to be. Jenn supports you in reconnecting to your truest self. She guides each client towards a new path to wellness through the power of the subconscious mind and mind body connection. 

Jenn envisions people being empowered to heal themselves, to create a new frontier of healing the mind, body and soul. As each person makes a commitment to their own wellbeing it opens the door to the next person. So that we will all work together, lifting each other up, growing and welcoming a bigger, brighter future than we could imagine. Welcome home, you are right where you belong!